Firearm Safety First


Before entering the Gun Shop with your repair, please open your action to ensure your firearm is unloaded, keep your muzzle down and point it in a safe direction.

Terms of Repairs


At any given time a reputable gunsmith has a backlog. Dominion Accuracy LLC will not rush to compromise quality and precision. Customers who choose to pick up firearms with "No Work Performed Will Be Charged a $28 ATF Gun Log Fee Per Gun."

Warranty Service


We warranty our gunsmithing service for 30 days if in the unlikelihood you are not happy. Please come back with your firearm and the empty ammo shells so that we may further diagnose and fix the problem. In some cases it may be related to recoil of the firearm.

Overview & Maintenance After Sale


When you purchase a firearm from us you will be given a complete overview of your firearm, how to take it apart to clean & maintain it, plus all the safety features.  It is your responsibility to read the owner's manual. All firearm sales are final. 

Firearm safety is your responsibility.

Firearm Laws and Data Privacy


We follow state and federal laws regarding firearm sales.  Please do not ask your buddy to guy a gun for you; that is called a "Straw Purchase".

Also, all background checks are done on our premise. Your merchant transactions are protected with very secure encryption.

Your personal Consulting Gunsmith


We pride ourselves in giving our customers that best possible customer service. If you have a quick question, we can help you with that.  Our time and your time is valuable and we respect that. If you have an involved question, please make a separate appointment in the evening to ensure you are fully satisfied with getting the answer you are seeking.