Gunsmith Backlog

May 1st, 2019 Backlog; Temp Halt to New Gunsmith Jobs.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our clients who have come to our humble Mom & Pop gunsmith shop for their repairs, restorations and maintenance of their firearms for the past 10 years at this Amity, Oregon location.  We have had the pleasure of meeting many fantastic people who shared their life and other hunting stories with us.


We take pride in our work.  We treat everyone with respect no matter what their race, religion, or sexual orientation; everyone is welcomed here.  Our customer's & reoccurring clients who have come to us with their repairs, custom work or restorations will be treated with the utmost care to ensure that their firearm is repaired in safe and functional manner.  If the firearm is not safe to fire, we will ensure that you understand that with a written explanation as to why.

However, for every success in business, comes a challenge; BLACKLOGS!  We originally quoted 90 to 120 days backlog.  However, after 10 years in this business at the Amity location, and without adding any additional help, we have realized that we need to focus on quality not quantity.  Therefore, we will be putting a HOLD on all new gunsmithing jobs for the time being.  Further new announcements will be forthcoming when we are ready.  This HOLD on all new gunsmith jobs will commence as of MAY 1st, 2019.  Of course, there are few exceptions.  If it is related to a safety issue we will take it on or if a live round is stuck in the barrel, as examples.

Please bear with us while we complete the current pent-up demand of work and to ensure all existing gunsmithing jobs take full priority.

Thank you.

Charles D. Sunderlin, President & Gunsmith

Geri E. Sunderlin, Business Operations Manager