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High School Senior Project: Learn to be a Gunsmith


Firearms and the gun culture are deeply rooted in the American culture. This is reflected in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. There are high school seniors that decided for their senior project, to learn how to be a gunsmith and own a gunsmithing business. For the past 3 years, since 2014, we have been contacted by 3 high school seniors who sought us out for their senior project -- To be a Gunsmith. 

Gunsmith is Open for Business


We are open for business every Saturday, unless otherwise posted. Bring in your repairs that have been in your closet for ages and we will fix them or put them together for you.

Happy Customers


Whether it is what we have in-store or special order, our job is to put a smile on the face of our happy customers.

Skills in Gunsmithing


We get kids young and old who want to learn about gunsmithing.

Need a Restoration?


Need a restored firearm but don't have all the parts? No problem.  We can help you. This Winchester 1873 was found on the plains of Montana after 100 years. We restored it to firing condition.

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